Parcel combines contemplation and co-operation

Parcel is a puzzle adventure game that has you avoiding lasers and solving brain-twisting puzzles in a charming cyberpunk environment.


In a future where the vast majority of people spend their lives in virtual realities, some people still deliver mail in the good old meatspace. Can you and your friends get the package delivered to the bottom floor of the heavily guarded Aldous Tower and uncover its secrets?

Parcel is a cyberpunk puzzle adventure that forces you to use everyone’s abilities to the fullest and think about what you are about to do. In addition to an intellectually challenging gameplay mechanic and a meaningful story experience, Parcel includes a level editor that allows you to challenge your friends and the world with your creations. A puzzling future awaits!

  • Enjoy hours of fun – Over 120 levels of puzzling divided into numerous distinct sectors
  • Alone or with friends – Play the adventure in its entirety either in single-player mode or locally with up to 4 players
  • Test your mettle – Several unique characters with their own interesting personalities and special powers to help you solve even the hardest challenges – or to complicate things further
  • Down the rabbit hole(s) – A thought-provoking, meaningful story about a not-so-unlikely future and its peculiar inhabitants – and a box
  • Challenge the world – An extensive level editor with endless creation possibilities – make your own puzzles and share them!


Meet the Meatspace Postpeople!

This post company is about to make its most dangerous delivery yet. Meet the characters you’ll use in Parcel to solve devious puzzles.


Ability: carries the box around, blocking lasers with it

Block visibly takes pride in his mundane job of carrying a box around. To date, he is the only person in the crew to actually wear the company outfit. He was raised by crash test dummies, so understandably he doesn’t speak much, but while other people do the talking, Block leads by example and is the embodiment of all the values that the courier service stands for.


Ability: magnetizes the box, demolishes robots

Magna was once an acrobat, but an accident with robots caused her to require an artificial spine and lose much of her mobility in the process. However, she re-trained herself as an engineer and combined her bionic spine with an industrial magnet, making herself capable of working as a scrap collector, a valued occupation within companies operating outside of virtual space.


Ability: hacks the system, altering the levels

The IT guy of the firm, Hackman has blurred the line between a human and a robot with the numerous self-made augmentations he has installed into himself. With his bionically enhanced cerebral hemispheres, he is armed with savant-like mathematical and verbal skills. Despite his occasional displays of unintentional creepiness, Hackman is loved and respected.


Ability: swaps places with others

The daughter of the Postpeople’s chief engineer, Porter spent her childhood playing with all the gadgets that her father made for her and her sister. Over time, she grew so fond of one of the inventions, the Chum Swapper 3000, that she started wearing it all the time and making a job out of her handy ability of delivering other people and goods to hard-to-reach locations.