CBD Tinctures – All the You Need to Know About It

CBD is gaining popularity all over the world for its various supported health benefits. As per the recent medical journals, CBD can be beneficial in reducing oxidation of cells and can cure early stages of cancer. There are wide range of CBD products, which can be quite confusing.

There are different forms of CBD products available over the counter. From gummy bears to oil to CBD tinctures, you can choose from an array of products. CBD tinctures if used properly can-do wonders. It has gained popularity among all sections of the society but you should not just rush to the store to buy it.

What exactly is CBD?

From times unknown cannabis has been successful in solving various health problems. However, since its abuse can affect the nervous system, it has always been under controversy. These plants have more than hundred active chemicals including 150 cannabinoids.

Out of these, THC is the chemical that is responsible for hallucination and euphoric experiences that people experience from marijuana. On the other hand, there are other cannaboids which acts as anti-inflammatory and helps in reducing seizures in epileptic patients.

When used in controlled dosage, it has can relieve anxiety attack and nervous breakdown. For its ying and yang properties, you must be well aware of CBD tinctures.

Understanding CBD tincture

CBD tincture is an herbal tincture bio chemically derived from cannabis. Usually, a tincture has active component with a percentage of alcohol and water. You can also find tinctures which have glycerin, vinegar or any other oil component instead of alcohol.

These tinctures are termed as alcohol free tinctures. However, these are less potent than alcohol-based ones. However, before you buy them you must understand the below mentioned essential points:

CBD tincture is not CBD oil

Most of the people confuse oil with tincture. Some even buy them instead of buying a tincture. Nevertheless, both the bottles look similar and the process of extracting them are more or less similar. However, the main difference lies in the chemical composition of the plant extract.

Tincture is bio chemically derived by soaking the cannabis leaves in alcohol and water solution. While for oil the extracts are further diluted by adding them in a carrier oil like coconut or hemp.

Checking label before purchasing the oil

As per the recently published medical journal in the United States, you will be surprised to know that only about 30 percent of CBD tinctures have accurate label and right concentration. This means, you must be extra careful if you want to buy tincture.

Look for licensing and authorization, the company must have the credentials as per the region. Do not forget to check the percentage of cannabinoid and the source of extraction. Also, you must not forget that you need to use food grade alcohol, since you will take it orally.


If used properly tinctures can bring positive effect on health. These are concentrated and should be taken in small and measured dosage. You should never overdose any tincture to remain safe.

These tinctures are taken for therapeutic purposes hence you must take it throughout the day. Additionally, most of these tinctures comes with dropper so that you don’t go wrong with the dosage.


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