A Basketball Net Means Fun For The Whole Family

Kids are less and less likely to be seen playing outside these days, with technology offering so much in the way of entertainment. As a parent, it’s important to realize that being glued to these devices all day can’t make for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Playing and engaging in athletic activity doesn’t mean you have to drive or walk anywhere anymore — instead, the basketball court, outdoor swing set, or jungle gyms can come to you! With the installation of personal playgrounds, it’s easier than ever to engage the whole family in fun exercise and games without ever leaving your yard.

A Basketball Net Means Fun For The Whole Family

In addition to the fun your kids will have while playing outdoors, there are alsosignificant health benefits to playing at home. In a recent study by Canadian Pediatricians, for example, children were shown to suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies, which can cause future problems such as weakened bones, diabetes and even heart disease. When an outdoor playground is just outside your back door, natural sunlight and Vitamin D are more available to your family. Improved vision is another key benefit, according to another study: children who spend time playing outdoors have better vision at a distance than children who primarily play indoors. If your children are easily stressed at school, physical exercise is a much better use of their free time than sitting in front of a screen. A twenty-minute game of basketball or a quick round of tag is the best way to kill time before dinner! The choice to set up a play area at home for your kids, whether they’re of elementary school age or teenagers, should be a no-brainer.

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Jungle gyms and outdoor playsets from Play Rainbow are modular, meaning that they are easily customizable; you can connect as many or as few different pieces to them as you’d like since they’re simple to adjust according to the size of your yard. Monkey bars, treehouses, and play-houses are other options to consider, depending on the preferences of your children. The possibilities for creating a creative and interesting space that is also compelling for them to play in are enormous!

The addition of high quality outdoor basketball equipment to your driveway or yard can be of particular benefit if your kids are interested in athletics — why not give them a chance to practice their hobby and create opportunities for healthy competition? Fostering an interest in team sports means encouraging your children to work together, stay in shape, and recognize the importance of self-improvement while helping them to actualize their goals. At Play Rainbow, basketball nets come in a variety of materials and adjustable heights, so you can ensure that the correct size and difficulty is available to your children as they grow older and taller. Don’t wait another day to provide them with the exercise and fun that can so easily improve their quality of life and provide a balance that is likely to benefit them immediately as well as later in life.


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