Driving Safety Tips Parent’s Need to Share with Their Teen Drivers

Teenagers cannot wait to learn to drive but parents are nervous because of the increasing accidents involving youngsters. Parents must know that majority of P-platers drive legally and safely, especially when they got proper supervision prior getting their permit.

Child learns driving not through formal lessons but they watch how their parent’s drive. Parents play a crucial role in demonstrating safe, responsible and legal driving, even when the kid is young.

For example, obey road signs, stick to speed limit, and be considerate of road users. Emphasize safe driving messages as well as role modelling that supports the road rules in your state. Learning road signs and safety driving rules will help them to prepare for the theory test you may book from the link https://www.booktheorytesttoday.com/

Safety tips parent’s need to share with their teen drivers

Wear seat belt

Even for short drives, insist your teenage wears safety belt. The possibility to get killed in toad crash increases, if seat belt is not worn. Seat belts distribute the crash blow across your chest and other strong parts of the body.

NO to mobile phone while driving

Texting and talking are a great distraction and lead to unsafe driving. If there is a need to use cellphone teach teens to stop on the side first, so that they or other road users will not be in danger.

Stick to speed limit

Speeds are ugly. Teens may feel the pressure to match their speed with other vehicles but remind them it is not necessary. Following speed limit reduces the possibilities of crashes as well as helps driver avoid significant penalties, which can impact automobile insurance premiums.

Keep your eyes on blind spots

Rear and side view mirror show what happens behind your car. However, there are still some spots that can hide other bikes, cars or even people. So, drivers must always check before parking or pulling out or at 3-point turn or changing lanes or prior merging with highway traffic, or making a turn. Regularly, check blind spots it is a good practice!

Never drive in someone’s blind spot

Even driving on other vehicles blind spot is not right.

Never drink and drive

Learners are not allowed to drink alcohol and drive. Set good example upfront about drinking and driving. Establish and stick to this firm rule!

Good sleep before driving

Sleepiness impairs attention, coordinating skills, and working memory, which are all essential for safe driving. Teach your child sleep driving’s warning signs including difficulty in focusing, day dreaming, heavy eyelids, or blinking. Tell them, it is fine to pull over and get a power nap of half an hour then return on the road feeling rested.

Turn on headlights

Have lights on during day, so that other drivers can see your car. Sometimes sun rays affect the visibility especially early morning and evening.

Take few passengers

Once the driving lessons are successfully complete, they will start taking friends in their car. With passengers, they may feel the urge to drive differently means going very fast and taking risky decisions. So, tell them to restrict passenger numbers!

Play an active role in teens driving lessons. Driving practice with them is a great way to help them learn road signs. Give them plenty of driving practice in different conditions like on freeways, at night, as well as in the rain. Let them experience the different conditions under supervision. Encourage them to become better and safe drivers.


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