Tips for Newbies for Capturing Sports Photographs

Sports photography is one of the most amazing and challenging photography. It covers all categories of sports which are performed by athletes. When it is done effectively the images that you get are outstanding. As a beginner in this field, you need to learn the techniques which assist you in generating good photographs.

It is essential to have awareness about the basic camera settings. So that the images which are clicked by you can create the same effect, as it is created by the sports pictures which are published in newspapers and magazines. In the initial stages, it is important to implement these techniques to get brilliant snapshots.

Useful Tips for Sports Photography

Develop An understanding About the Sport That You Are Going to Capture

When you go for the sports photograph shoot, collect enough information about that particular sport. This helps in knowing about the different acts which are going to happen during the physical activity. It assists in setting up your camera. Even you can perform a bit of research in this regard. Prepare yourself well for the event.

Basic Camera Setup

You require a digital SLR camera. It is a good option to opt for raw capture. The photos which are taken by you can be processed well. This allows better flexibility like correcting the white balance, recovering the highlights. You need to select the semi-manual mode for better results.

Shutter Speed Needs to Be Fast

During sports, the players perform the acts very fast and they move very quickly. So, to capture their movements ensure that the speed of the shutter is maintained effectively.

Make Use of Aperture Priority Mode

There are different modes in a camera like automatic, manual and aperture priority mode. The amount of light taken into the sensor of the camera is determined by the aperture. Sports professionals use this mode. It ensures that the possible amount of light is allowed in so that the actions can be recorded in the camera.

Adjust Your ISO

The three things (aperture, ISO, shutter speed) are important to know the right exposure. When you are shooting in a semi-manual mode, you can adjust ISO depending on the event which you are going to photograph. For e.g. when the day is bright, an ISO of 400 is best. However, if the day is dark then it needs to be increased.

Take Lots of Photos

During a sports event, you need to take many photos. Capturing every moment of the sports activity provides you with enough opportunity to learn. As a beginner, this is helpful for you till the time you become a professional photographer.

Shoot from A Low Perspective, Like Your Knees

When you shoot from your knees, you can take brilliant pictures. This tip is helpful in getting excellent photographs. This is mainly followed by expert photographers to get awesome images.


Sports photography provides you wonderful experiences. If you perform it by following the above-stated tips. The photos clicked by you catches the attention of viewers, when they look at these wonderful snapshots. It is immensely rewarding and you get amazing results.


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