Tips to Select the Right Birthday Party Venue for Your Kid

Finding a birthday party plan that is liked by both children and parents is a tricky task. Some sacrifices here and there have to be made to arrive at the best birthday party decision. So, if you have still not decided about the birthday party plan then here are a few tips that would give you some insights. Tips that we share here will give you clarity and ease your decision-making process.

Focus on the personality of your kid.

The celebration that you are planning is for your kid. He/she should feel exhilarating and excited about the party plan. For this, it is required that you understand the personality of a kid. Consider factors such as gender, age, areas of interest and preferences of your child to find the best party plan for them.

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Watch out for hidden costs

Cost is one of the major considerations when selecting any party venue. A few venues do not provide complete bifurcation of the cost that they charge you. Sometimes their quotation doesn’t include ‘hidden’ cost.

Before you get shock due to this unwanted surprise, and your celebration becomes more of a burden, it is better to ask them about any hidden cost before you choose them.

Make wise selection of the time-frame

Children’s mood changes throughout the day. It hardly remains stable all through the day. Before you book a rental space at the venue, it is important to plan a mood map of your child at different times of the day.

Some kids feel shy or like to have their own time in the afternoon and are keen to enjoy in groups in the evening. So, plan the time for the celebration when your child is active and in pleasant mood.

Be flexible on the theme of the party

Choosing themes in advance narrows down the available list of venues. It also saves you money. However, a little flexibility is also required to make it easy to accommodate any last-minute changes.

Ensure that the venue is convenient for all

The easiest method to make adults relieve is to choose the venue that is quick and convenient to reach. It should be easy to locate and reach. This will suit busy parents who have limited time.

A closer venue also prevents guests to reach late to the party due to unavailability to transportation etc. and other reasons. Choose a venue that is nearer to home as it will make it less stressful to transport decorations to and from the venue.


These are some of the important things to consider to make kids birthday party all the more special, fun and satisfying.


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