Coronavirus Myths to Ignore and Protect Your Mental Health

Coronavirus pandemic has caused so much havoc, not just with people’s health, but even with their mind. There is so much misleading and contradicting information rampant across the web. It is hard to distinguish what is right and wrong. There are plenty of myths created due to fear.

It is sensible to stay home and be safe. Isolation is a great way to avoid getting infected. Nevertheless, if you have to go in public, it is suggested to wear a mask. There is no need to go out to buy masks. Look online for protective face masks available in bulk.Custom Earth Promos specializes in top quality masks. You can easily order them in bulk for a discount. Nevertheless, you will need to stay away from bad advice and false rumors. So, get familiar with the facts and even share it with your family and friends.

Coronavirus myths to ignore

The World Health Organization defines myths as ‘infodemic’. You will find many such narratives moving across, which you need to overlook.

‘Coronavirus is airborne, which means I can catch it’

Everyone is aware that the new coronavirus spreads quickly between people. However, scientists and doctors don’t agree that it is airborne. The uncertain factors involved among the outdoor and indoor include wind conditions, UV, temperature, evaporation of respiratory droplet, etc. Therefore, the risk of getting infected outdoors as you pass someone is low. It is sensible to maintain a 6 feet distance, but make sure to wash or sanitize your hands before touching your face or as soon as you reach home.

‘I have a cold. I will test positive for Coronavirus’

Allergy and coronavirus symptoms seem similar. Nevertheless, Coronavirus causes fever, but allergies don’t. Allergies cause itchy throat, nose, and eyes, but coronavirus doesn’t. According to the CDC, common Coronavirus symptoms are dry cough, fever, and tiredness, which appear within 2 to 14 days after the exposure. Infected people have even complained about nasal congestion, aches, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea, or no symptoms.

‘Vitamin C is the cure for infection’

It is believed to have some therapeutic benefits, but there is still no proof that it helped patients combat the new COVID-19. However, vitamin C supplements will help in strengthening your immune system.

‘Virus will decline in summer season’

According to past studies associated with MERS & SARS, the virus endured cold environments better, but with coronavirus, there is no guarantee. From the evidence, the novel COVID-19 infection has got transmitted in every kind of area including hot and humid. So, assuming the decline of the virus in summer is a false hope.

‘Mosquito bites spread Coronavirus’

With warm weather, families gather outdoors in the evening. It is reasonable to find out if mosquito bites spread infection. A mosquito bite is unpleasant, and bug repellant is worn to avoid other infections. However, mosquitoes cannot spread it because the virus is not a blood-borne infection.

‘Old and children people are at risk of getting coronavirus’

Even though the ratio of senior citizens getting a positive report is high, it is due to their compromised immune system and underlying medical conditions. Children are still in their developing phase, so their immune system is not so strong. However, even young folks get infected, but the mortality rate is lower than older people.

Stay away from false beliefs and take care!


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